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Smith Chiropractic – Meet the Team

Je Anne Smith

Je Anne Smith

Je Anne Smith – Office Manager

Je Anne began chiropractic treatment as a last resort before surgery. She had been suffering with severe sinus headaches and neck pain for years until she began regular chiropractic adjustments and neck decompression six years ago. She credits chiropractic for the relief she has experienced and not having to go through surgery.

Je Anne is married to Dr. Ben Smith and they have two children. They live in Cahaba Heights.

Deonna McDonald

Deonna McDonald

Deonna McDonald- Patient Coordinator

Deonna became a firm believer in Chiropractic when she took her oldest son for treatment years ago. He had been suffering from migraines and the medications did not seem to be relieving all of his pain. She took him to see a Chiropractor who discovered through X-Rays that he had a pinched vertebrae and put him on regular chiropractic treatments which alleviated his pain. Deonna takes pride in knowing that she is helping Smith Chiropractic patients have the same experience her son did! She enjoys watching patients benefit from their chiropractic treatment.

Deonna is married to Tommy McDonald and they have 2 children. She and her husband live in Leeds.

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