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About Smith Chiropractic

Below is Dr. Smith’s journey of trying to help patients, change their lives and restore vitality in mind, body and soul-one patient at a time.

Dr. Ben adjusting womans neckIn the beginning, I didn’t spend sufficient time with patients going over what I had found to be their problem and what I needed to do to fix it. I believed it was better to get them started on care and see how their world would change. I would prescribe an open treatment plan of six visits then re-exam and then another six visits.

The result that I got was they would come in after 3-5 visits and either decided that they were good enough or my care was not working. Some came back in six months, one year or two years later. They would have the same complaint as I knew they would. The report would always be the same. It got better for a while then the pain came back. The cycle went on 2-3 times per patient over several years, until they just did not come back.

After I reached many of them, I only heard one of two responses: “Your care did not work, and I am just learning to live with it” or worse, “I went to see the surgeon.” When I asked how their pain was now it was always worse. In my mind, I thought my care did not work because they did not do what I told them to do.

Doctor doing side adjustment

Realizing I Needed to Approach Things Differently

Then I realized that I was thinking this way about hundreds or even thousands of patients. That is when it hit me. It was not that they did not hear me; it was that I did not communicate in a way that motivated them to act. So, I began to dedicate myself to properly educating each patient during their onboarding process.

I went from spending five minutes with them about their problem to two separate appointments. Things started going great and I was finally getting people better. They were able to participate in so many parts of their lives that had been lost. My clinic was buzzing and my passion had reignited, but pretty soon I realized the garden did not have as many roses as I thought.

Patients were still not completing their care. Some were not coming in according to schedule and others were simply not completing their treatment. Once again, I was losing these patients permanently. I finally figured out that I was not getting the result that my patients desired.

Providing Comprehensive Care Plans

I began making my plans to create the premier spine and joint center that’s available today. I now develop unique treatment plans for each patient with their life-changing goals in mind. My patients enjoy a diversified treatment set that offers exercise prescriptions, neuromuscular re-education, photomodulation laser therapy, and disc decompression.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Smith Chiropractic is simple. We want every patient in pain, who seeks our care, to get better as fast as possible and feel like they are our only patient.

Our Mission Statement

To serve our patients by restoring spinal and joint function, bringing harmony to all aspects of their daily lives.

Our Most Successful Patients

We see all kinds of patients at our clinic; however, those that get the best results are those who realize their care will take some time and have the patience to follow through with their care plan to resolution. Following the treatment plan we outline for your care, as closely as possible, increases the success of your recovery.

Can Chiropractic Help?

The answer is most patients we see get better under our care but some will benefit from care elsewhere. If you are not a candidate for chiropractic or spinal decompression therapy or you are not responding positively in a reasonable amount of time, we will order the proper testing you need at that point. Then, we will refer you to a doctor that you need to see.

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