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About Smith Chiropractic in Chelsea

I opened Smith Chiropractic in Chelsea on September 1st of 2007 after practicing as an associate doctor for four years. I chose Chelsea because I love the area and has the home town feel that allows me work with patients, support the community and be civically involved.

Dr. Smith and his team welcome you to Smith Chiropractic!

Welcome to Smith Chiropractic!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Smith Chiropractic is simple. We want every patient in pain, who seeks our care, to get better as fast as possible and feel like they are our only patient.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to get people out of pain and back to work, back to play, and back to living.

Our Most Successful Patients

We see all kinds of patients at Smith Chiropractic; however, those that get the best results are those who realize their care will take some time and have the patience to follow through with their care plan to resolution. Following the treatment plan we outline for your care, as closely as possible, increases the success of your recovery.

Can Chiropractic Help?

The answer is most patients we see get better under our care. I wish I could tell that 100% of the patients that come to see me get better, but that is simply not a reasonable expectation. If you are not a candidate for chiropractic or spinal decompression therapy or you are not responding positively in a reasonable amount of time, we will order the proper testing you need at that point and get you referred to a doctor that you need to see.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Chelsea chiropractic practice to make an appointment.

Smith Chiropractic | (205) 678-6884

Chiropractic Care and Spinal Decompression for Chelsea, Inverness & Columbiana.