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Smith Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

  • Friendly, great service. Prompt attention, u.sually 30 minutes or less. Neck adjustments have decreased the muscle tightness I ‘ve been experiencing since surgery in 2011. With treatment, I hope to avoid getting the “stiff neck” my dad experienced for many years

    - Bloodworth J. 7/12/18
  • After learning more about the spine and how it affects overall health at my first appointment with Dr. Smith I became more aware of symptoms that I used to ignore before. Now, after several adjustments I’ve noticed that my back hurts a lot less then it used to after long work hours.

    - Junkert T. 6/29/18
  • I love Smith Chiropractic. I can sleep with no back pain!

    - Cheek M. 6/30/18
  • Playing golf again. Enjoying walking and being more active again.

    - James O. 3/2/18
  • I no longer have numbness in my toes and my leg pain is getting better. I feel more energetic after my visits and feel much better overall.

    - Frink K. 7/12/18
  • Had increasing pain in lower back that caused decreasing mobility. I’m less than half way through my prescribed treatment plan and most of my mobility has returned already.

    - Honeycutt J. 7/17/18
  • Chiropractic therapy has done more for my neck and back than medication ever did!

    - Jonathan Todd 2/12/18
  • I couldn’t stand up for very long without my back hurting. Now it is much better! I am now able to do more at home than before because of Dr. Smith.

    - Kristi D. 5/24/18
  • I’ve been feeling less pain in my lower back. I don’t feel any discomfort when I sit for an extended period of time.

    - Allison R. 2/13/18
  • I am getting better sleep. I have only taken ibuprofen two times since starting treatment. Feeling good overall!

    - Anita G. 2/6/18
  • I came in with pain in my neck and shoulders. Within a few weeks pain was not as often or as painful when I did have it. Now I have almost no pain.

    - Estes C. 7/17/18
  • Great treatment and great results. I have been able to sleep through the night again.

    - Trish C. 3/6/18
  • I am no longer taking ibuprofen for pain!

    - Marissa C. 5/2/18
  • I’m already feeling like I’m walking straighter, basically that my spine is getting a bit more flexible. There are definitely no more muscle spasms in my lower back thanks to Dr. Smith

    - Bridges M. 7/6/18
  • I came in about 2 months ago with back/neck pain and headaches. After an examination and x-rays we found the cause of my issues and started treatment right away. Since starting treatment my pain has decreased and my headaches have gone from 3-4 a week to only 2 in the past 2 months. I highly recommend Dr. Smith

    - Burks R. 7/16/18

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Hannah C. 6/14/18

In just a few short months I have had almost complete elimination of sciatic & lower back pain. I have significantly improved range of motion & my sleep patterns have improved tremendously. Prior to start of care, I would wake over 5 times/night in pain (shoulder-between shoulder blades) & lower back/leg pain. Now, I rarely if ever wake up due to pain. I’m very satisfied with my decision to start care w/ Dr. Smith.

Jacob C. 6/11/18

When I first started my care package I was dealing with a lot of pain in my back. It effected me at work, at home and at the gym. Since starting the package I’ve completely stopped using pain/inflammatory medicine, lost 43lbs, and all around feel great. I had been reluctant to do a plan and only pop in when I was in pain but this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made ever.

Bonita F. 6/4/2018

I am so grateful and pleased with the care that I have received from Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith has given me the relief of the chronic back pain that I have experienced for years. I am now able to stand, work and work in my yard longer than I have been able to in years. I know with regular visits he will get me to where my quality of life will be even better.

Tammy H. 5/30/18

Since starting my program, I am able to sleep better. I have been able to start exercising again without pain and lingering problems. I highly recommend Dr. Smith!

Hannah C. 5/25/18

4 weeks ago I began experiencing lower back, leg & shoulder pain. I also had significant periods of time with sciatic pain. My sleep has improved and the sciatic pain has subsided since I began seeing Dr. Smith!

Robert L. 5/17/18

In the few weeks I have been coming here I have noticed more flexibility in my back AND less pain. I have a long way to go but so far it has helped!

Kelli L. 3/12/18

The things I’ve noticed ever since I came back here was I don’t have much hip pain anymore. My neck feels realigned. I’m sleeping much better and my posture has changed in the way I sit. Dr Smith has helped me tremendously with the misalignment in my spine and I thank him for that.

Mary M. 2/21/18

I went from having almost unbearable hip pain to having little to none. Standing was very painful and walking was uncomfortable but now I am able to stand, walk and work my normal 8-hour shifts again! I can actually sit in a recliner or a desk chair again pain-free. I am thankful for everything Dr. Smith has done for me.

Gerald D. 2/19/18

I began chiropractic treatment without knowing I had been suffering from bulging lower back discs. Within a short amount of time in my care plan, I no longer experienced the level of pain that I had at my initial visit. I also have dramatically improved my range of motion that was hindered due to this issue.

Sarah C. 2/2/18

I can complete my day and play with the kids after work with NO pain or discomfort! I feel like I have more energy and have even been able to take extra clients on without fear of being immobile at night. Thank you for that!


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